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"Her Hour

Has Come"

John: 16:21

You deserve birth support that honors your vision.

About Me

Brittany Williams         

Golden Hour Birth | Doula & Lactation Support
Serving families in the Greater Baltimore area & beyond
"Doula B"

New Born, Virtual & In-Person Doula Support

We facilitate the ultimate birthing experience through empowering, equipping and strengthening mothers and families through their remarkable birthing journey.


" Brittany has been an amazing Doula for me and my Family throughout my pregnancy. She always has great communication, a loving spirit and just an amazing person. Good energy and will meet all your needs during your journey. Thank you again Brittany for all your support through our journey."

-R. Marshall

"I disclosed to Doula B that I had previously had 9 miscarriage and this pregnancy was my 10th and I felt that she handled that information with care and was sensitive and empathetic while providing support. Her support was above standard."

-S. Brown

Literally the only way I was able to meet my goals! Brittany took so much care in making sure I was prepared and supported from the day I chose her to be my doula. Such a warmth and a feeling of sisterhood! Not to mention the countless times she prayed for me and my family and listened to my concerns, even ones that had nothing to do with pregnancy. I would have another baby just so she can be my doula again! Haha- I highly recommend Doula B

~T. Kemp

Blessed to have Brittany as a doula. I recommend her to anyone looking for a birth partner! Simply amazing!!!

~J. Mitchell

"My Doula provided emotional and logistical support throughout my pregnancy. As a first time mom labeled as high risk having someone to support me emotionally was essential to supporting my mental health. Doula B was extremely flexible offering support even after hours and wee hours of the night when I struggled the most. After birth she visited the hospital on several days to serve as an advocate on my behalf and also assist with cleaning my room, ensuring I had essential items and inquiring about whether there was any additional support that I needed. I was overall impressed by how knowledgeable she was about various conditions associated with pregnancy. Some of the conditions I looked to her for support and education about were severe iron deficiency, fibroid degeneration, piriformis syndrome, and gastrointestinal issues. I was active in reviewing my chart from every hospital visit and she also reviewed my chart to provide insight about my diagnosis and also lab results."

-S. Johnson

"I couldn’t think of anyone better suited for such work!! Doula B is the sweetest, genuinely warm hearted, & amazing with children. The way you’ve loved on my children as if they were yours! This is ONLY GOD...this is your purpose. Mothers and their babies are blessed to have you! Love ya."

-C. Cox

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Golden Hour Birth
Baltimore, Maryland
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