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“My goal is to provide added love, peace and light to help reduce the risks related to postpartum depression and to aid women in gaining or regaining control and satisfaction of their birthing experience.” -Doula B


 Born to birth; Brittany Williams, nicknamed “Doula B”; is a certified birth doula and lactation support specialist trained by “Doula Trainings International” (DTI), “Lactation Education Resources" (LER) and "Baby Basics" (What to Expect Project). Doula B's passion for all things birth developed organically 11 years ago when providing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual assistance in the births of her younger siblings. Stating, "I had the pleasure to watch my mother birth my siblings and what a beautiful experience it was! I was able to witness first hand all of the painful, embarrassing, wonderful & unexpected things that accompanied birth be embraced by my mother. It was all apart of her TRUSTING THE BIRTHING PROCESS. 

From there, Doula B went on to enhance her skills through further education and training in doula care and acquiring an extensive nursing background. Assisting families in births that vary from high-risk, teen-pregnancies, advanced maternal age pregnancies and overcoming previously traumatic births; Doula B has successfully and professionally been able to empower mamas and families to birth through a nurturing, prayerful and supportive approach. Check out Doula B's Voyage Baltimore Magazine interview.

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