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Doula Care & Covid-19

   Covid-19 is hitting us all hard and changing the way society operates across the board. These changing times are posing extra challenges to those expecting a child. We feel for you and know how hard it is to be facing what is supposed to be an exciting and already-challenging time against this backdrop of such uncertainty. You don’t have to brave this alone.

   As doulas, Golden Hour Birth is adapting to the changing landscape of birth under stay-at-home orders and social distancing mandates by offering virtual support. In some ways we feel closer than ever to our community through the magic of video calls, and we look forward to extending that connection to expectant parents in this surreal and otherwise-isolating time.


Virtual & In-Person
Birth Doula Packages
(taxes not included)


   At least one 1-hour virtual postpartum appointments are included in each of the birth doula packages below. These postpartum consultations will cover:

  • Newborn care

  • Breastfeeding initiation

  • Sleep schedules

  • Mental Health check-in

  • All of your postpartum questions

   We are currently offering three different birth doula packages.

While each package consists of at least 2 prenatal appointments and at least 1 postpartum appointment, we’ve varied the amount of direct labor support in each package to meet the variety of needs in these challenging times.

This will include:

  • Free Consultation

  • Individualized Birth Plan

  • Childbirth Education

  • Advocate for Client

  • Comfort Measure Techniques 

  • Customized Checklist creation for newborn prep & arrival

  • Scheduled Support Check-ins via call or text

  • Personalized Playlist of videos & articles as an addition to address your needs and concerns

  • Mediation- between family, friends & healthcare team to communicate your wants & needs in efforts to maintain a thriving & undisturbed atmosphere during labor

  • Assistance to create a pleasurable laboring atmosphere

  • Proactive birth-day preparation

  • Support system teaching/coaching

  • Mental Health Check-ins

  • Holding Space

  • Labor & Emotional Support

  • Prayer (as a follower of Jesus Christ, I am available to pray with clients throughout their pregnancy)

Prices and Packages

Childbirth & New Born Education



2 virtual prenatal appointments

1 virtual postpartum appointments

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Virtual Doula Support


All of the consultations as described in the “Childbirth and Newborn Education” package including an additional postpartum appointment prn along with:

Labor support via phone, text, or FaceTime


On-call support from third trimester through 3 weeks postpartum

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In-Person Doula Support


All of the consultations and on-call support as described in the “Virtual Doula Support” package including an additional postpartum appointment prn along with:


In-person labor support at home or your birthing facility, and help deciding when to go to the birthing center, hospital, etc.


In-person labor support (at the place of birth)  throughout active labor up to 12 hours & 1-2 hours postpartum.

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Postpartum Support

$35/hr | $45/hr @ night

(price for local clients)

   Postpartum doula care enhances your recovery from birth, decreases your chances of PPD and accelerates your body's realignment process. Being aware of this vulnerable time of transition and your healing process postnatally is key because even the most glorious births cause trauma to mom's body. Allotting periods of rest, relief and restoration increases mom's healing process body mind and spirit and prevents burn-out. With the reassurance of additional aid, you'll be off to a positive start as you master your new eating, sleeping, bathing and bonding schedules.

   Package Includes:

  • Free consultation

  • 4 hours/ visit min.

  • Services tailored to your needs

  • Physical, Spiritual, Emotional Support

  • Mothering the Mother

  • Newborn behavior & development education

  • Support in all infant feeding choices

  • Lightwork (dishes, bottle/pump parts washing, baby laundry, bathing baby,)

  • Creating routines & healthy sleep habits

  • Nursery Setup assistance

  • Belly Binding Education

  • Baby Wearing Education

  • Mental Health Check-ins

  • Postpartum Transitional Plan 

  • Hands-on infant care when mom needs: some sleep, 1-on-1 bonding time with partner, a nice meal, to run errands, to take a relaxing bath/shower, to groom, to attend appointments

  • Postpartum shopping (mileage fee added)

  • Referrals for support persons/groups

*Monthly & overnight packages available. Prices & hours vary

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